Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Best Tip Calculation Tool on Android

Quick Tip

I want to introduce a new app I just developed called Quick Tip to you, I believe this app is very convenient for you to do any kind of tip calculation. If you have any opinion for me, it's very welcome. Now let me start introducing this awesome app.

When launch this app, you could adjust about the rate of TIP and TAX here.

And there're 3 buttons in upper: SHARE, ADD and MENU.

By clicking the ADD button, it would launch a digit input panel for you to enter the amount, you could add the items on the receipt that you're going to pay item by item.

For example, you had ordered an $10 dish, you could enter $10 for your part.

Then press done, you would see there is an item with $10 appeared.

Of course if you want to divide the bill equally, you could use the divide function in the digit input panel. For example, your order costs $38 and 3 people are going to share, you could enter 38/3 in the digit input panel.

Then press done, you would see there are 3 items added with the result of 38/3.

If you want to share the calculating result to your friends who share the cost with you, you could simply use the SHARE button.

Eventually, if you want to delete a specific item in the list, you could simply swipe it left or right, or there is a "Clear" option in menu, it will clear all items in the list.

Now you see there is another option called "Add on start", by checking it, the digit input panel will be launched automatically when you launch Quick Tip.

Now, don't wait to try it, you could download Quick Tip from Play Store now!

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